supply chain
Why inventory management is important in supply chain?

Inventory management is an integral part of supply chain management, as it helps companies to efficiently manage the supply and demand of their products or services. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at why inventory management is important

stock management
Best Stock Management Software you must know about

Inventory management is one of the crucial elements of running a business. Managing stock is as important as any other business function, and for managing stock or inventories there are some software’s available in the market that performs inventory management

inventory management
How To Use Inventory Management To Create More Value For Your Organization?

Managing inventory is an essential part of running any successful business, but it can be difficult to determine how much inventory you need and when to order more. In this article, we will explore how efficient inventory management strategies can

How to Drive Traffic to your Amazon Listing Product-Part-2

How to Drive External Traffic to Your Listing on Amazon Utilizing outside traffic sources is becoming a prominent issue. Instead of competing for a fixed share of Amazon’s search traffic, external traffic provides merchants the chance to step up their

How to Drive Traffic to your Amazon Listing Product -Part-1

Who wouldn’t want to see their Amazon listing products get more traffic?  Well, you do not have to look any further, we are here for you to increase sales of your Amazon listing products. One of the essential steps to

Why Amazon is ruling the eCommerce industry?

Amazon is the leading name in the eCommerce industry, and without a doubt, we can say that majority of people visit the amazon website whenever they want to make any online purchase.  According to reports, over 60% of people prefer

Why you need Chatbots in Real Estate Industry?

With only a few months till 2023, AI chatbots have infiltrated nearly every area of human civilization. We’re conversing and communicating with them via Facebook Messenger, Skype, and mobile devices. Some are assisting us in travel planning, while others are

facebook chatbot
Advantages of using Facebook Bots for Business!

Businesses have little choice but to seriously consider doing business without face-to-face encounters in this age of no-movement days, social alienation, and work-from-home rules. There are numerous channels available to do so across the digital arena, but today we will

8 Killer Product Descriptions with Examples

A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it is worthwhile to buy it. A product description’s purpose is to provide customers with important information about the product’s features and benefits so that

E-books: A Major Business attraction for Marketers

E-book, a very popular and fast growing word. Most of us must have heard about it, some of us must have read it and few of us must have use E-books for growing business. Now to major portion of people

Metaverse – A technology Disruption or a Blessing for the business world?

You might have heard the term Metaverse recently, and if not, you may have seen or heard the news of Facebook changing its name to Meta.  So, why did Mr. Mark Zuckerberg change the name of Facebook to Meta? The

shopping cart abandonment
Shopping cart abandonment: why it happens and how to fix it?

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge problem for online retailers; it’s estimated that abandoned carts cost businesses around $4 trillion each year. So let us know why does it happen and what can be done to fix it? Read on