Best Stock Management Software you must know about

Inventory management is one of the crucial elements of running a business. Managing stock is as important as any other business function, and for managing stock or inventories there are some software’s available in the market that performs inventory management function at its best.

Software eases the critical work of inventory management with high efficiency, speed, and real-time insights. Not only will inventory management software improve tracking and organization in your warehouse, but it will also enable you to spend less on hardware. Companies can easily handle orders, sales, and deliveries while handling issues like product overstocking or outages thanks to the software.

In the pool of numerous options to select as your preferred inventory management software, here is the list of the top seven stock management software for your business.


You can manage your inventory, keep track of your finances, and manage your marketing with the aid of NetSuite, an all-in-one company solution. For companies of all sizes and kinds, NetSuite is beneficial. Consider it as a cloud-based inventory solution that combines the back office and financial activities on a single dashboard. Oracle bought NetSuite in 2016, giving it the backing of a billion-dollar corporation which enhanced the Netsuite interface.

Features of Netsuite – 

  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration POS
  • Multi-Currency feature 
  • Dropshipping Option

ZOHO Inventory

Just a few additions NetSuite offers to provide, like forecasting, are the only thing keeping Zoho Inventory from taking first place. Leaving that aside, Zoho Inventory is the industry’s top solution for managing inventories.

Like other apps in the suite, Zoho Inventory is closely connected. This software enables you to make sales orders and invoices in addition to tracking your inventory. WooCommerce may be integrated directly with Zoho Inventory which adds its enhanced features and ease of access to Zoho.

Features – 

  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Multiple Integration support
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Free Setup Assistance


A rather straightforward cloud-based programme called Ecomdash allows users to manage orders, shipments, and inventories all from the same admin panel. For inventories with modest to medium sizes, it is the best choice. With ecomdash, managing numerous inventories is simple and offers a lucrative option.

Again, ecomdash is one of the most distinctive inventory mapping systems in terms of features. Following are the features of Ecomdash –

Features – 

  • Custom Alerts setting
  • Product SKU mapping
  • eCommerce API
  • Multipack Listing

Cin7 Orderhive 

Cin7 Orderhive is a cost-competitive option that can quickly become your one-stop shop for inventory, orders, and fulfilment thanks to its sophisticated features and extensive integrations.

Plans from Cin7 Orderhive are available to suit the requirements of businesses in numerous industries, ranging from huge corporations to start-ups. Cin7 Orderhive is the undisputed champion for best all-around inventory management software since it stands out by providing unlimited stock-keeping units (SKUs) and hundreds of integrations in its feature-rich plans.

Cin7 Orderhive is a web-based software solution that functions in all popular browsers, although, for the best user experience, the company suggests Chrome and Firefox. It utilises the Kanban method for stock replenishment or reordering and supports the first in, first out (FIFO) strategy.

Features –

  • Integrations with several third-party tools
  • Automated PO Creation
  • Easy Stock Transfer
  • Single Click accounting features


InFlow’s user-friendly platform offers business-to-business (B2B) showrooms where customers can browse and shop for your products, as well as a common inventory database.

You can receive straightforward yet effective software for manufacturers, B2B wholesalers, online merchants, and retailers with inFlow. It is the greatest option for B2B businesses because of its strong reporting features and shoppable B2B showrooms.

The inFlow software has an easy interface for Android and iOS devices and is available as web-based (inFlow Cloud) or computer-based (inFlow Premise) software. It supports the LIFO, FIFO, and moving average algorithms.

Features – 

  • Backorder Capability
  • Barcode Generation facility
  • Email Invoices
  • Business Intelligence Reports

Lightspeed Retail

With stock tracking tools, a tonne of connectors, and good e-commerce capabilities, this point of sale (POS) and inventory management combination package is designed for small retail shops.

This web-based inventory management technology called Lightspeed Retail was created to satisfy the needs of traditional brick-and-mortar and online retailers. It makes it to our list of the finest retail stores because of its industry-specific choices and in-store sales functionality.

The cloud-based Lightspeed Retail application includes an iPad version to quickly check out consumers on your sales floor. Both FIFO and average cost approaches are supported.

Although the point of sale is Lightspeed Retail’s primary service, it also offers top-notch retail inventory solutions. For further functionality, it also connects with the warehouse management system SkuVault.

Features – 

  • Track SKUs across multiple locations
  • Import Catalog files from vendors
  • Synchronize your e-commerce and in-store inventory
  • Setup customer reorder guidelines


Customers report a 30% boost in revenue and a 10% decrease in time to table on orders with Upserve’s automated systems that track your components and prices.

With a powerful POS system and inventory management features, Upserve is a complete restaurant management solution. Upserve is without a doubt the winner of our best-for-restaurants category thanks to its strong features and ability to track ingredient use down to the ounce.

You can manage and run your restaurant from any location thanks to the software’s cloud- and app-based architecture, with the mobile app functioning on both Android and iOS smartphones. Moreover, Upserve has an offline mode, and you may select from a variety of hardware.

Features – 

  • Synchronize with POS System
  • Easy Vendor Management
  • Real-time inventory analytics
  • Alert systems for low-stock items.

These are the top seven Inventory or Stock Management software that can play a vital role in your inventory management. To know more about inventory systems and the e-commerce industry log on to ZapInventory.

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