ZapERP Updates 1.9.7

ZapApps updates provide information on the features, bug fixes, and improvements in each release. This article includes updates released from the past week for the ZapERP inventory software.

Check out the previous updates:

1. Xero Improvements

With the new Xero OAuth update we are constantly improving ZapERP and Xero connection. ZapERP send the data related to products, customers, invoices, payments, draft bills, complete bill and bill payment to Xero.

To connect your Xero account follow the steps here. After the connection you can see which Xero account iā€‹s connected to ZapERP.

2. ShipRocket Integration

User can create surface and air ShipRocket shipments in ZapERP. ZapERP will push order, shipment details to ShipRocket so the user can download shipment label, sales orders, invoices from ShipRocket.

To connect your ShipRocket account to ZapERP follow the steps here.

3. Shopify Cancel Order Improved

Orders canceled and restock quantity is now recorded in ZapERP. ZapERP creates a return for the canceled orders and the stock quantity for the items in the canceled order is increased automatically.Ā 

Upcoming major ZapERP updates

1. ZapERP 2.0

ZapERP 2.0 will come with a totally new UI, improved performance, and new features. The ZapERP version 2.0 is scheduled to release on April 15th, 2021.

2. Tally Integration

New Tally integration will be released this month. ZapERP will pass all the accounting data to tally.

3. Bill Of Material

The Bill Of Material feature will help users to manage their raw materials, sub-components, and end products. This feature will be a major update for manufacturing industries and is scheduled for the end of April 2022.

4. Multiple Amazon accounts Integration

Users will be able to connect multiple amazon accounts from different locations like, .uk, .in, .us to one ZapERP account.

5. ShipStation Improvements

Improve the existing ShipStation integration and make it more powerful and seamless.Ā 

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