ZapERP Bags 8 Prestigious Awards in 2021 over Leading Software Review Platforms

Yes, you’ve heard right!

This 2021, ZapERP has won 8 prestigious awards on the G2 platform, Crozdesk, GetApp and more.

Ever since we started ZapERP, we’ve been working hard to build our customers’ trust. We strive to stay ahead of the competition through our breakthrough innovation and exceptional features. Now what we have got in return is some awesome rewards, that we truly deserve.

Even though 2021 is as difficult and unpredictable as 2020, the steady growth of interest and trust in our product continues. And we believe that the coming years will be as bright as it is now for ZapERP.

Let’s talk about the 8 prestigious awards in detail and on what parameters, we have won them.

What ZapERP do?

ZapERP is a cloud-based SaaS provider which helps businesses manage inventories, orders and sales. It also allows them to order purchases, receive items, create bills from PO (purchase order), and create sales orders from the interface directly. Shipments can be kept track of, invoices can be generated from SO (sales orders) and multiple warehouses can be managed at one single place using ZapERP.

Inventory Management Awards 2021 over the world’s leading software review platforms

ZapERP regularly gets recognition from the global software review platforms. Here is the list of reputed awards that we have won this year in 2021:

Award #1 & #2 – G2 High Performer Winter 2021 & Spring 2021

We are glad to inform you that ZapERP has bagged the High Performer position in the independent rating of the G2 platform! Based on the Spring 2021 & Winter 2021 Grid report which includes real user reviews, we took one of the best places this year. We’re excited for being awarded as a winner in the prestigious G2 category. The platform ranked our Inventory Control Software #18/289.

What is a High Performer?

According to the Grid® Report for Project Management by G2, the tools are divided into Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche products. Products in the High Performer quadrant have high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence scores compared to the rest of the category.

We are being highly rated for features such as inventory control, Inventory Forecasting, Multichannel Inventory Syncing, Multi-Warehouse Routing, Product Master and easy integrations with other platforms and apps.

Sellers love using G2 badges to let the prospective buyers know how the existing customers feel about their product. We consider ourselves lucky to use G2 badges on our website and the landing page.

And, special thanks to G2! Your independent and accurate rating helps us make ZapERP even more valuable for our users.

About G2

G2 is one of the world’s largest platform with authentic reviews about thousands of software. The marketplace helps global businesses reach full potential with better buying decisions.

Award #3, #4 & #5 – Crozdesk Leader 2021, Happiest Users 2021 and Quality Choice 2021

ZapERP has bagged a total of 3 awards on the Crozdesk platform this 2021.

Crozdesk’s Leader Award –

Crozdesk recently announced the winners of its Inventory Management Software Awards 2021, and ZapERP is chosen in the list of top 20 software products for inventory management. Featuring a “Crozscore” of 87, ZapERP beats out the competition and took the leadership position in Crozdesk’s Champion quadrant.

  • User Satisfaction – (92/100) Approx. 92% of users are satisfied with ZapERP.
  • Market Presence – (42/100) ZapERP has a market presence score of 42. 

All these stats and rankings have been determined algorithmically, following the Crozscore ranking methodology. The winners of the Crozdesk Inventory Management Software Awards 2021 are determined by a variety of factors, including user satisfaction, market presence, and buzz score.

Crozdesk’s Happiest Users Award –

We are happy to announce that ZapERP has also won the “Happiest Users Award 2021” by the leading business software reviews website Crozdesk’s Happiest Users badge gets awarded to solutions that generate lots of positive satisfaction signals on Crozdesk. It’s worth mentioning that only 10% of solutions end up receiving this badge. To get this badge, a product needs an average user rating of at least 4.5/5.0.

Crozdesk’s Quality Choice Award –

We are delighted to announce that we have also won the “Quality Choice Award 2021” by Crozdesk. This award has been won as a result of our amazing users sharing their experiences, our online presence, and many other qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Crozdesk’s Quality Choice badge gets awarded to vendors that set themselves apart from the rest of the market. To get this badge, a product needs a Crozscore of 80 or higher. This threshold is cleared by only 1/3 of solutions (approx.) on Crozdesk. Based on Crozdesk’s scoring algorithm, ZapERP earned consistently positive customer reviews and user satisfaction scores that lead to the highest analyst score over Crozdesk.

About Crozdesk

Crozdesk is one of the most advanced business software discovery platforms. It helps buyers compare thousands of software products across 250+ different categories. Crozscore uses a fully automated predictive scoring algorithm, using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to identify the best products in the market.

Award #6 – GetApp Category Leaders 2021

We are delighted to share that this year, ZapERP has been awarded the best GetApp Category Leaders 2021.

App scores under GetApp are determined by 5 factors, worth 20 points each, for a possible total of 100. There is thorough research done by a dedicated team of experts that evaluates different products based on all of these parameters. ZapERP’s score under these five categories is as follows:

  1. Ease of use (18/20)
  2. Value for money (17/20)
  3. Likelihood to recommend (15/20)
  4. Customer support (17/20)
  5. Functionality (18/20)

ZapERP gets an overall score of 85/100 and ranked as #10 in the list of Best Inventory Management Software of 2021. On Theresa, which is a radar chart that depicts product scores for each of the five areas relative to the average scores of all product categories, ZapERP scored consistently on the higher numbers.

To get this badge, the product should have at least 20 unique and verified product reviews published on the Get App within 24 months. The product also has to achieve a minimum normalized rating in each of the 5 key areas. In addition to this, the product should be relevant to software buyers across multiple industries or sectors. ZapERP has achieved all of this.

About GetApp

Each year, GetApp rank the leading business apps and software solutions inside the most popular categories to help buyers tackle software selection. Data sources include approved & verified user reviews, public data sources, and data from technology vendors.

Award #7 – Software Advice Front Runners 2021

We’re pleased to announce that ZapERP has been named a Front Runner for Inventory Management Software by Software Advice. It is designed to help small businesses evaluate which software products may be right for them.

FrontRunners evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top scoring products based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction ratings. Data sources include approved user reviews, public data sources, and data from other technology vendors. The FrontRunner report uses a snapshot of review data from a defined time frame and is not updated after publication. These reports are used along with the detailed and current information that is available on each product’s profile page.

About Software Advice

Software Advice is a leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. Here advisors provide free, personalized software recommendations and help companies find products that meet their business needs. Software Advice also features objective research by industry experts and reviews from validated users, saving buyer’s time and resources. They neither represent the views of nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

Award #8 – Software Suggest Budget Friendly 2021

More awards for ZapERP are coming!

To conclude, ZapERP has also won theBudget Friendly Award 2021by Software Suggest in the inventory management category.

Budget Friendly award by SoftwareSuggest means that our online ZapERP software has been highly recognized among other project planning tools. The research indicates that ZapERP offers necessary features for inventory management at a reasonable price in comparison with other competitors.

About SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. On this platform, users can compare products and find one that meets their requirements. Through feature evaluations, comparisons and customer reviews, SoftwareSuggest has helped many organizations find the right software.

Awards of 2020

Software Awards “Leader” 2020 by Crozdesk (Crozscore – 91/100)

Category Leaders 2020 by GetApp

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Phew! These many awards.

ZapERP inventory management software has hence taken the crown for the best inventory management software as it solves some of the biggest challenges in inventory management. It is preferred among buyers because of being a leading platform with advanced features and technology.

ZapERP Inventory management has cracked all the eligibility criteria and has been awarded this year by the prestigious Gartner Digital Market, G2 and many more.

Want to learn why our customers love us so much?

Schedule a demo with ZapERP and see for yourself!

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