Cash Flow in Inventory Management
Improve Your Cash Flow With Inventory Management

A healthy cash flow is essential for any business. We have compiled seven ways you can improve your business’s cash flow with smart inventory practices.

e-commerce consultants
E-Commerce Consultants – Tips to choose the best one!

Have you ever wondered to hire an e-commerce business consultant who can help you to plan your fiscal decisions? Are you a business owner or a person who wants to understand what e-commerce consultants do? If yes, then this article

How does a Purchase Order Work?

Every business has two primary parties, a buyer and a seller, regardless of the industry. A company keeps track of its inventory and sales through the usage of a purchase order and invoice. As these documents are similar in many

essential invoice elements
16 Must Have Elements Your Tax Invoice Should Have

Introduction to Invoices: Commercial operations cannot be run in India without provision of a tax invoice. An invoice is a proof of sale and contains a few particulars that identify the product sold, taxes involved, states of production and consumption,

start a startup
9 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Startup

A startup is a newly emerged business venture that aims to develop a viable business model to meet a marketplace need or problem. Having their very own startup is the ultimate dream of any entrepreneur. Leaving a steady income job and taking the plunge

social proof
Why Does Your Business Need Social Proof Marketing? And 8 Ways You Can Get It

Plenty of startups and established businesses ask themselves daily – ‘there’s so much noise and competition out there, just how can I gain the attention of new, potential buyers?’ Your startup might have an amazing product alongside a great website.

startup to success
7 Tips That Will Take Your Startup Company to Successful

Know the best hiring practices Beyond having the courage to go solo and start your own startup, you need to imbibe certain values in order to stay afloat and keep your business Finding the essential individuals to join your startup

CTO of startup
11 Ways Your CTO Can Make or Break Your Startup Company

‘Chief Technical Officer’ could sound glamorous to some. In reality, it is one of the most important titles in a startup. The smaller the startup the importance the CTO shares with the CEO with regards to leadership. The title is

expense management
How to do Expense Management For a Startup or Small Business

EXPENSE !! Doesn’t the word EXPENSE scare you? Well, it does scare me though and that’s the reason I wrote this article to help you with expense management especially in your business. There are a lot of small businesses who

Comparison Between the European and the US Startup Ecosystem

While the American startup ecosystem is light years ahead of the European Venture Capital Industry, there’s plenty to learn from our European brothers, Silicon Valley has been witnessing waves of inspiration and innovation since 1939 whereas in Europe true innovation

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Startup  

Starting a Startup is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can have, and there are several articles online encouraging readers to start one. Before you quit your day job and rush into the startup world however, you