Job Description And Salary Of A Warehouse Supervisor

warehouse supervisor

Responsibilities of Warehouse Supervisor

1. Documentation and storage of Product

Warehouse supervisors perform a very important logistical exercise, especially within a company that sells physical products to its customers. They have the responsibility of receiving the products, documenting the arrivals, storing them and then ensuring they are delivered on time and in good condition. In the interim warehouse, supervisors would need to provide documentary proof. what they have under their jurisdiction within the walls of the warehouse. To sort the products without damage, and it is their responsibility to manage the staff under them.

2. Implement First-In-First-Out(FIFO) Procedure

It is also the responsibility of the warehouse supervisor and his staff to ensure, the time tested procedure of “first in first out”. This means that every product, whatever it would be, should be rotated without any one of it being lost in the depths of the warehouse. This is very important to be followed for food and other perishables but also true for other consumer durables. It is the warehouse supervisor who would have to educate his staff on how best to handle this important age-old tradition. There would not be any excuses for deviating from this practice unless there is a very valid reason.

The first in first out philosophy is a very primary function of any warehouse supervisor. It is the warehouse supervisor’s sole prerogative to ensure that everything within his warehouse is managed smoothly and no delays in deliveries take place. This is because the sales staff and the customer down at the other end would all anxiously await the delivery to reach them at the shortest possible time. One of the most important responsibilities of a warehouse supervisor is to ensure that deliveries are on time. Customers could get very cross when items they expect to receive do not turn up at their doorstep on time. Return of orders by difficult customers if they do not receive their products on time.

Role and Duties of the Warehouse Supervisor

role of warehouse supervisor

1. Prevent Damage And Theft Of Inventory

He should ensure that under no circumstances should any damage to product due to carelessness on his or his staff’s actions. The products under his care have cost the company, and any damage occurring to any of them would be unforgiven.

Maintaining perfect inventory controls and having a proper supply chain management is very important. There should not be any errors when execute the deliveries. There are chances that human error occur. Extra care and proper systems to ensure such things do not happen to have to be initiate by none other than the warehouse supervisor. In some instances, pilferage, theft could happen within the warehouse. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the proper controls are in place.

2. Ensure Timely Delivery

It is a very competitive world out there, and warehouse supervisors too should understand that they are part of a very big family. Everyone focused on one aspect alone, which is to ensure customer satisfaction at its optimum. If customers turn their backs on a company, everyone gets suffer. The sales staff could move hell and heaven to conclude a sale, but if the warehouse supervisor lets them down, everyone would be back at square one.

Salary and Perks of Warehouse Supervisor

salary of warehouse supervisor

In the United States, a warehouse supervisor could earn a remuneration of a minimum US $ 16.74 per hour. The average pay for a warehouse supervisor could rise up to just under the US $ 50,000/- per annum.

The larger conglomerates would pay their warehouse supervisors salaries which could be higher than what the average would be. Some companies with high turnover could be paying their warehouse supervisors more than the payable averages. Some warehouse supervisors would draw salaries up to even a US $ 65,000/= per annum. Similar to every industry, the element of experience, especially in a large warehouse would land any warehouse supervisor a plum job. Others would need to struggle until they gain the required experience. Once you gain the experience, there are ample job opportunities out there for warehouse supervisors.


Experience counts, and if anyone think warehousing is a walk in a park, they are sadly mistaken. It comes with immense responsibilities, and only those who have the stomach to be one could succeed in the end. The job has many challenges to ensure everyone is happy in the end. Every warehouse supervisor would strive to be the best, and some really are. A prudent thought to ensure that you enjoy the work you are entrusting before you would search for the best remuneration.

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