8 Best Home Inventory Apps Of 2020 (Android & iOS)

It is a human trait to buy on impulse and bring home what you have purchased in the store. You would be storing them in many areas of your home. It could be in your sitting room or lounge, dining

7 Best Home Inventory Software 2020
7 Best Home Inventory Software of 2020

You could be an alien in your own home. That is if you are unaware where that all-important hammer is lying inconspicuously, and you are unable to retrieve it. You could be tearing your hair off if you are unable

How does a Purchase Order Work?

Every business has two primary parties, a buyer and a seller, regardless of the industry. A company keeps track of its inventory and sales through the usage of a purchase order and invoice. As these documents are similar in many

inventory metrics you need to know
11 Inventory Metrics you need to know for Successful Inventory Management

A company that manages its inventory successfully would be on the road to profitability. Carrying the optimum inventory is what is needed if the movement of goods is to be successfully concluded. Sales and inventory should go hand in glove

prevention of inventory theft
7 Effective Ways To Prevent Inventory Theft

Theft is a universal phenomenon that we need to live with. As long as humans tread this Earth, we would have the incidence of theft. There would always be ample unscrupulous individuals who would indulge in the criminal activity of

track inventory
3 Reasons Why Inventory Tracking is Important for Your Business

Inventory tracking is something that’s confusing to many new entrepreneurs. Many of the people I’ve talked to that have home-based businesses that deal with inventory do not really understand the importance of inventory tracking. At first, it’s a little confusing, and it may

Why Small Businesses Should Adopt Barcode Inventory System?

A barcode helps to eliminate human error. It is beneficial, especially in the business industry and is fast and reliable. When you are in the field of business, it is essential that you have some tools that will make your

inventory shrinkage
What Is Inventory Shrinkage, And 7 Ways To Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Adopt a proper procedure to maintain flawless inventory. Such a situation is better said than done, especialy in a retail organization where the movement of goods is rapid and frequent. Before the advent of the computer-based inventory control systems, stocks

9 Best Customer Retention Strategies That Actually Work

Customers can be considered as the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you follow an appropriate strategy to retain all the customers. Then you will be able to create a solid customer

cash flow management for small business
5 Effective Cash Flow Management Techniques for Small Businesses

One of the most common problems for start-up companies is cash flow management. Proper Cash flow management techniques can help both struggling, slow-growth companies, and successful, high growth companies. Cash for a business is like blood for a person, without

Advantages Of Perpetual Inventory System
7 Main Advantages Of Perpetual Inventory Systems

Every business especially ones, where stock movements are affected, would need to keep a track of all such movements very studiously. Stocks are equity and when they move in and out of the business premises the difference in value between

What Is The Inventory Turnover Ratio, And How Is It Calculated?

If a company is to enjoy a good return on investment, it would need to be efficiently managed. Every aspect of its management cog should be well oiled and should be turning efficiently. If it has an inventory of stocks,