How to Design the Perfect Unboxing Experience

No matter the business category you fall into today, paying extra attention to improving the customer experience in multiple ways is the only way to succeed. Customer experience consists of a list of attributes that, with dedicated planning, can impress the customers and consumers, thus converting them into loyal future spokespersons for a brand. Now, for a physical store, the customer experience is more about the interaction convenience offered at the store. However, for online businesses, the major aspect of the customer experience is dependent on the packaging as well as the post-product delivery care options.

Today, keeping in mind the increasing trends of user-generated content and social media influencers, coupled with their direct impact on a business’s sales, curating a specific yet the most perfect unboxing experience for your customers is the need of the hour. The first thing that an influencer showcases on their product review are the way the product is packed and the step-by-step unboxing experience of the same. Let us discuss in detail the exact methodology and step-by-step guide you require to create the most appropriate and perfect unboxing experience for your customers below. 

What Is An Unboxing Experience?

The first thing a customer interacts with once they receive their online order is the presentation of the delivered product. Now, as a kid, would you rather get excited about a plain carton box or a colourful box with ribbons? Of course, the latter and the main reason behind this obvious choice is the appeal of the package that directly catches the eye of the customer. An unboxing experience is therefore the journey a customer experiences from the minute they receive a package till the end when the final product is out on display.

Moreover, along with the way the product is packed, the impact it leaves on a customer’s mind is equally crucial as a memorable experience will therefore convert the customer into a loyal one. The different types of inputs you can add to improve your unboxing experience include the type of packaging materials used, the personalized notes left in the package, the addition of free samples or discount coupons as another value addition for the customer, and much more. Do know how to create the most perfect unboxing experience for your client, keep reading below. 

Unboxing Experience

How To Begin Creating An Unboxing Experience?

The awareness amongst the population today about what they want and what they don’t is the prime reason that drives the success of a particular brand or product in the market. If you wish to create an impactful and perfect unboxing experience, follow this step-by-step guide and see the shift in customer feedback. 

Choose Packaging Materials Wisely

The first thing to focus on to begin curating a special unboxing experience for your customers is the type of packaging material you invest in. For instance, delivering jewellery in excessively large cardboard boxes will immediately take off the consumers. However, if you instead focus on adding more packaging material within the cardboard box to fill up the empty spaces, the overall presentation will be more appealing for the client, creating a better unboxing experience for them. 

Focus On The Presentation Within The Box

Imagine ordering more than two items from the same brand only to receive them as a bundle in the package. It is not an impressive sight and the damage control might be difficult to contain. However, if you use different placement additions within the packaging box, the presentation does not get mixed up during transportation and the overall view of the box upon opening is much better. For instance, using double-sided tape to ensure each of the individual products stays in its place and filling up the empty spaces with the relevant material can be a game-changer. 

Provide Value Addition

The presentation on the packaging of the product matters yes but, who stands out and is memorable for the customer, giving them more than they asked for is a convenient way to improve their unboxing experience. Adding a bit of a surprise element with an unexpected delivery of free samples, a discount coupon, a referral code, etc., can significantly improve the unboxing experience for customers while leaving a lasting impact on their minds. 

Personalize Wherever Possible

There is nothing better than receiving a package of an online order and reading a personalized note before opening the final product. This is because it ignites a sense of acknowledgement within the customers and makes them more inclined towards the brand. For instance, instead of putting out a common thank you note, just adding a customer’s name on the card can do wonders. Moreover, putting the effort into writing a custom message per customer, especially for small businesses, is the right move to garner maximum attention and slowly increase your customer rate. 

Insert A Call Back Aspect

The last important step to complete the perfect unboxing experience for your customers is to add a call-back insert that brings them back to the brand again and again. It does not necessarily have to be a direct call to action. Instead, you can focus on adding some product brochures that are similar to the purchased product to highlight the brand’s effort of keeping the preference of their clients first. Additionally, you can also use sale announcement pamphlets or stickers to attract the customers back to shop again.

To conclude, the process of curating the perfect unboxing experience for the customers does not require too much effort if the plan of action is set from the beginning. Spend some time to plan the exact journey you want to take your customers through before implementing the proposed changes in your product packaging. If you succeed in providing a memorable unboxing experience, the company will benefit from increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, improved first impressions, and improved brand awareness. 

There is something about a custom product package that excites the customers and it is high time to cash on this opportunity and present your customers with an impactful unboxing experience they will never forget. Start planning today and see the positive shift for your brand in no time.

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