Free inventory management tools to grow your business effortlessly

Would you like to know how to make better decisions to burgeon your business? Well, here is a great deal of business for you. We understand that spreadsheets provide a cost effective and convenient option for managing the various spectrums of their operations for small businesses. 

So, we are here to help you get better insights into your business. Here, we have built some free inventory management tools to get you started on expanding your business.

Inventory Management Tools

Let’s jump on to the famous and helpful tools without any further ado. 

  1. Reorder Point Calculator 

We are very well aware of the fact how complicated it can be to decide on your reorder point. You are trying to strike a balance between overstocking and understocking when you are about to set your reorder point. To help you with this here, we have designed a reorder point calculator that allows you to know exactly when it is time to place an order for the new shipment of products. 

All you require is your average daily sales, your maximum daily sales, your average lead time in days, and last but not least your maximum lead time in days.

On the contrary, we also understand that it becomes so exhausting when you have to type every detail of every one. The details related to your 100 SKUs and after that copying the results of the web calculator into a new spreadsheet. So we have designed a reorder point excel template for you!

  1. SKU Generator

It is a very challenging and meticulous process to think up a unique SKU code for all your items. If you are having difficulty maintaining all the numbers directly in your mind (what does 191520309 mean?), then you might get intrigued by our SKU Generator Tool.

It requires your Product Name, along with two descriptive options, into an account when generating your SKU code. You will receive an understandable product code that you can use to search and identify stock on hand from lists, invoices, and order forms. 

  1. Invoice Template

Are you aware of the fact that only 63% of invoices are paid on time?

One of the preeminent reasons for the late payments comes from invoices with unclear instructions. Always make sure that you spell out your product information adequately so your customers can know exactly what they are getting billed for. 

Also, it helps you look more professional when you personalize your invoice with your business logo. And it increases your chances of getting paid by 300%.

With our invoice template, you can select an image that can be used as your business logo. Also, you can select the action for “Notes” where you can mention the details around payment terms. With our system, we will automatically calculate the total for you, considering any applicable taxes and discounts in an account. Try Now for better options!

  1. Excel Inventory Management Template

Our free inventory management software in excel allows you to input your product details, sales orders, and purchase orders into the respective tabs. And according to these, our Inventory Management Tool will be able to calculate your total orders, retail price, orders that are yet to be fulfilled, stock on hand, and stocks waiting to be received. 

To give a glance at all your data, there is also the ‘reports’ tab, which allows you to see the quantity and amount that has been purchased and sold, sorted by a supplier. 

When the time comes, your business expands and evolves, you will require a system that grows with it. If you are moving from the Excel Inventory Management Template to ZapInventory, the ‘Export to ZapInventory’ tab allows you to import ALL your pre existing data into ZapInventory. After that, you will be all ready to take your business to the next level. 

Wrapping Up

Here, these free inventory management tools offer small businesses the finest way to start evolving. You might also discover that dealing and managing with four different tools to handle your business can become a little troublesome for you. 

And when this situation occurs, ZapInventory offers you a streamlined system that makes business operations as simple as possible, loosening up time for you to grow and burgeon your business.

We hope this article serves you right and has cleared all your doubts. You can connect with us regarding the Inventory Management tools and make your business grow around the world. We are always here to assist you 24*7 to make your doubts clear. We believe in making acquaintances with our clients by delivering the project on time. 

Thank you for reading out, get in touch with us and we will offer you the best solutions. 

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