Features of ZapERP

Listed Below are the features of Zaperp:-

  • Easier invoicing with real-time updates with ZapERP ;

ZapERP offers its clients easy and simple invoices for the daily operations of their business. The client can add their company logo to our professional invoice templates or design a custom-made invoice suitable to their needs. Our invoices accept changes in real-time and the client has the exact information at any point of time. Our invoices are design in a way which enables the client to receive direct payment through debit or credit cars or PayPal, This helps the customer to maintain their cash flow as they can get paid as soon as work is complete and the invoice is raised.

  • Interactive reporting system:

Our reporting system is quite innovative as we encourage our clients to design their reports and we also provide a graphical dashboard of your business transactions providing you with the instant details and critical data of your business, The client is made aware of where their funds are being deploy and which path is most profitable and can continue their steady flow of income, ZapERP provides the client with a whole plate of pie, not with just a slice of pie which help the customer to base their decisions after considering every aspect of their financials.

  • Direct payment from clients:

ZapERP has a multi-currency invoicing system, no matter where the client is or their customer is, the client can raise invoices and can receive payment through multiple gateways like Paypal, Razorpay,2checkout, Stripe, PayTM and other third-party payment gateways. Our services include seamless integration with these third-party payment gateways and facilitate the client’s payment effortlessly.

  • Constant updating of inventory:

The unique feature of ZapERP is that the client’s stock is in a continuous update. Every time a sale or a purchase happens, the inventory is automatically adjust, and the accurate available inventory is on the client’s dashboard which assists them to plan their purchase or time their sales as per the available stock. The inventory so updated will also be in constant coordination with the accounting and invoicing features.

  • Instant reconciliation of bank and cash payments:

Our clients need not worry about reconciling their bank payments and cash book. Our interactive software does an immediate settlement of these data and presents you with a combined bank statement. This feature helps the client to save time and confusion that usually arises from these transactions. It also empowers the client to accept cash payments and seamless integration of bank payments in the accounting books.

  • Forex rates at real-time for ease in payments:

The clients of ZapERP have a massive advantage of raising a forex based invoice and at the same time maintain a  single currency as their base for their business, This helps the client to cushion themselves from the losses that are incurred from the fluctuating foreign rates and accept payment in the local currency.

  • Tracking and billing of expenses to the client:

If the client is a service provider, then ZapERP assists the client in recording, tracking and billing the costs incurred during the providing of the service. The expenses so mark will be sent to the client’s customer as invoices and consolidate statements. This feature helps the client to ensure transparency while providing the service and simple way to consolidate the accounts effortlessly.

  • Efficient Calculation of TDS and efficient payroll invoicing:

As TDS payments have become mandatory, our services also include automatic TDS calculation and process the payroll invoicing inclusive of the TDS calculation, When the client uses our software, they can count on accurate TDS calculation and deduction from the employee’s salary ensuring maximum efficacy in your payroll invoices.

  • Integrates with the existing accounting software:

Our ZapERP software will seamlessly integrate with your current software like QuickBooks, Zoho or Xero. There will be no crashing or hanging of your system, and the accountant does not need to pull all the data in one place to assemble them. Accordingly, our software does that work for you. Once integrated, you can start raising invoices and be in a constant update with your accounting and inventory systems.

  • Cloud accounting helps the client access their records anywhere:

We offer services in cloud accounting also helping the client access their records virtually anywhere and anytime. So any changes made will be in the constant update with the records and facilitate the smooth retrieval and review of the accounts and reports that will be generate in real- time, As cloud accounting is our area of expertise, the client can be stress-free when it comes to securing their vital financial data.

  • Cloud back-up and secure access to the client’s records:

Data backup is a vital feature of every accounting solution, and ZapERP offers the best in class accounting backup solutions by uploading the client’s accounting and financial data instantaneously in the cloud accounting portal. This portal is highly secure and can only be assessed with a secure password. The client can ensure that all their data is save securely. As it is cloud backup, the client can upload their data from anywhere and anytime, So providing constant link between the business operations and its account.

ZapERP work with the client’s choice bank to avail the best loan for their business. We assist in preparing the needed reports and statements as request by the bank for verification of the loan process. We contact the bank representatives directly and facilitate a smooth and hassle-free loan process. If the client is missing any paperwork as required by the bank, So we ensure its timely preparation and delivery to the bank officials to speed up the approval of the credit availed.

These are the main features of ZapERP. We help our clients to grow their business smoothly and also ensure that the client’s records are secure and are accessible anywhere and anytime, and our real-time updates in inventory, invoicing and forex currency rates help the client to run their business or bill their clients in a more uncomplicated yet professional manner. So these features ensure that the client gets the best service in the area of accounting and data backup. Come to ZapERP for your accounting needs and for unrestricted growth of your business.

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