ZapInventory Update 2.0.2 | Bulk SO Update

Here are our most recent updates. At ZapInventory, we are constantly motivated to provide you with the most excellent product on the market. Stay tuned for further information.

1. Void a Purchase or a Sales order

Users can void a particular purchase order or sales order in ZapInventory. Once the order is void, it becomes invisible in the list. But it will still be there in the database, unlike if you delete the order, it will be removed from the database.

2. Fast Filter

In ZapInventory, you can now experience fast loading and enhanced surfing. Users can also utilize the filter option to filter data in columns and extract data intelligently and conveniently.

3. Backorders are live!

Now your customers can place the order even though inventory for a particular product is running out of stock. And later, the user can create purchase orders from backorders and fulfill the orders placed satisfactorily at the appropriate time.

The feature completes outstanding orders and helps users to keep up the business.

4. Bulk Sales Order (SO) Update

Bulk Update for your Sales Order is now available on ZapInventory. Now you may easily Void and Delete your orders in bulk. You can also quickly update properties such as SO date, Expected Date, Customer, and so on in bulk to save time 🙂

5. Tax Calculation

The inclusive tax calculation method has been improved. The formula is updated a bit as well for more precise tax calculation.

6. Create Customer Credit Note in ZapInventory

When the customer returns the product to the users, they can create a Credit Note for the products in ZapInventory.

Later, users can view, edit, print the credit note, or send it by mail in PDF format to the customer.

7. Dark Mode

For a better experience, UI is restructured. The minimalist approach with a dark looks clean. You can also select the designs for your Navbars and select the layout now.

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