Why Should you Dump Accounting Software Like Xero and QuickBooks and Switch to ZapErp?

Choosing an accounting software to run the business smoothly is quite a big task as we need to select software that not only gives results but is also well rounded in all aspects of speed, data security, and many other factors.

The market is flooded with many kinds of accounting software, and one of the most used accounting software is the Xero and QuickBooks. However, they do have their own disadvantages that make us want to choose better accounting software.

Price factor:

This is a common problem for both Xero and QuickBooks. The essential features of this two accounting software are limited. The starter version has only the basic functions like limited invoicing, restricted user access, lack of payroll, limited bank reconciliation transactions. Even if you opt for the starter plans, the version of the accounting has a minimal scope. Multiple currency payment transactions are not even part of the plan in Xero till you choose the $70 premium version.

Premium versions:

The premium version of both  Xero and QuickBooks are very costly and are limited. The standard version of Xero costs $30, and the Essentials version of QuickBooks cost $23. These two versions offer some benefits over the starter plan, but there are always certain limitations to some features like lack of inventory management or generation of purchase orders. However, QuickBooks provide multi-currency payments in the Essentials version, but Xero only offers that feature in their Premium plans.

Yearly discounts:

Most accounting software offers an annual discount on their software for their users. But Xero and QuickBooks offer only a discount for a period of six months. If you use QuickBooks trial version, then the discount is excluded. Then the user has to avail the software without the discount at the end of the trial period.

Add-ons on accounting software:

Xero and QuickBooks also offer add-on packages like enhanced payroll and full-service payroll for an extra cost. These prices add along with the payment you already pay for the plans thereby making it more expensive. The pricing plan of this add-ons is base price plus a cost for every employee on the payroll.

Then we introduced  ZapERP that offers these features in a much lesser price inclusive of discounts. ZapERP provides the following features like:

  1. Creating invoices and estimates.
  2. Many varieties of the invoice template are available.
  3. Track bills and expenses
  4. Payroll management
  5. Property management
  6. Inventory management
  7. Custom payment gateways
  8. Connect to Stripe payment
  9. Vendor and Purchase order
  10. Dedicated support
  11. Secure transactions
  12. Multi-currency invoicing
  13. Business reports
  14. A dashboard that gives a complete overview of your business.

For small business owners and startups who are on a tight budget, ZapERP is a much better option as it offers CRM, Expense Management, Customizable reports, time tracking, and inventory management in all in one package. The best thing about ZapERP is that it offers these features even in its free version. ZapERP also offers discounts for its annual subscription which it makes a cheaper and efficient solution for your growing business.

Choose ZapERP today and get the right tools for your business at an affordable price.

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