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ZapInventory provides easy to use online accounting and invoicing software solutions for all your business needs. Founded in 2017, ZapInventory believes in simplifying accounts for business needs. Based in Delaware, ZapInventory provides business solutions to over 100+ small and medium-sized businesses over 5+ countries in the world.

The software solution ZapInventory provide is loaded with a plethora of features to assist you in managing fund flow, inventory and business expenses, such as advanced reports, multi-currency support, and accounting integration. ZapInventory is built on a non-accounting perspective simplifying the accounting process with a user-friendly platform thus making it the best software in the market to manage your business.

Meet Michael

Michael owns a small business in the US with an employee strength of 50 employees. Michael is very passionate about his job and believes in satisfying his customer’s needs. However, Michael faces trouble when it comes to maintaining proper books of accounts, and by the time the month comes to a close, Michael and his employees are left confused.

Over time Michael started losing precious inventory that he couldn’t track in his books of accounts, and thus costing him and his business a huge loss.

Michael does not have an accounting background, and different accounting jargons make it hard for him to follow and understand, working on these prospects has been tough for him and his team.

How ZapInventory helped Michael solve his accounting problem

ZapInventory introduced Michael to all their accounting services and process, based on the type of business he manages. ZapInventory helped Michael:

Integrate his accounting process on a single platform:

Michael was struggling to manage all the different types of software spread across his business. ZapInventory helped Michael by bringing all his accounting processes under a single umbrella which helped Michael manage his HR, CRM, invoicing, accounting and inventory needs from a single consolidated platform which is both easy to use and user-friendly.

ZapInventory let Michael create a single account for his business, add in his employees for the payroll and manage his clients through simple invoices.

Michael no longer had to worry about misplacing his invoices or letting go of certain business controls.

Simplify complex accounting processes:

Most of the time Michael was left confused and lost at the number of accounts and ledger he had to create for every business transaction that took place. With ZapInventory, Michael could finally take a breath of fresh air as the accounting interface of ZapInventory came equipped with all the default values such as tax rates. Moreover, Michael has to do is select the country he is operating in and ZapInventory will automatically fill in the default values.

Simple interface and Training:

In less than an hour, Michael was able to import all his important details into the ZapInventory database. ZapInventory’s easy to use interface not only simplified the way Michael visualized his data. It also helped him keep track of his inventories and fund flow. He now knew exactly where and for what the business funds were utilized.

ZapInventory also gave Michael a small training so that he was well versed with the entire program. Soon enough, ZapInventory helped Michael reduce his losses and increase profits.

Happy Customers share their experiences:

“Very easy to use with amazing customer support. It’s fast, performant and absolutely stunning. It helps me in financial decisions. Thanks to the cloud – I can use this app from different locations and devices.”

-Sara (Business Owner)

“I always hated accounting but ZapInventory is extremely easy. Highly recommended.”

-Bhushan (Small Business Owner)

ZapInventory brings all the numbers at one place so that you can see your business as a big picture.

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