TradeGecko / QuickBooks Commerce Alternative

Are you searching for the nonpareil QuickBooks Commerce (Formerly TradeGecko) alternative? 

Your quest to search for the outstanding TradeGecko or QuickBooks Commerce Alternative ends here. With the gloaming of QuickBooks Commerce (formerly TradeGecko), Zap Inventory can be your sweeping inventory and order management solution. 

Under are some of the prime features that you will embrace to choose the alternative quickly, let’s check out to believe for yourself!

Here are the top reasons why Zap Inventory is one of the best inventory choices that you could have:

Zap Inventory

Zap Inventory is a fully integrated inventory management software with effective stock control and order fulfillment. 

You can effortlessly manage your business and boost income with Zap Inventory.

Note: You can use their free trial also! Try Zap Inventory free for 14 days, no need for a credit card also. 

Extensive Features That Make Them Determine As a Top Priority

Some of the great features of Zap Inventory that make them exclusive. Let’s read about them here:

  1. Inventory Management: 

You can easily optimize your whole ‘inventory lifecycle starting from the procurement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer. Also, you can get insights into every facet of your product. 

  1. Purchase Management:

It consists of smart purchase software that automatically updates the inventory levels. It helps you create and track purchase orders, plan re-orders, and manage suppliers using their incredible purchase software. 

  1. Inventory Control: 

You can efficiently and effectively burgeon your business with superior inventory control software. Analyze what inventory you have and where that inventory you can have. Get a full control experience over your inventory flow and improve purchase adeptness.

  1. Order Management:

It is a multi channel order management software to meet modern buyer expectations. Accomplish, pack, and ship all your eCommerce orders in one go. Operate your sales order across various warehouses and sales channels with their end to end processing system software. 

  1. Warehouse Management:

It is a warehouse management system for multiple warehouses. Smartly organize your warehouse inventory in less time. It is centralized and synchronized warehouse management software that allows you to establish your eCommerce warehouse inventory. Handle your inventory conveniently within a single warehouse, or numerous warehouses across multiple locations. 

  1. Shipping Management:

Offer a seamless shipping experience! Effectively ship every customer order with shipping management software. You can ship customer orders from any sales channel with more than six direct shipping integrations. With the help of this software, you can compare the rates of different shipping providers, automate repetitive shipping tasks, and track all your shipments in one place. 

Some of the Other Beneficial Features for you:

  1. Multi Channel Retailing:
  • Here you can streamline, regulate, and synchronize your inventory and sales around all channels and enhance your inventory management procedure.
  • All the time, this product ensures that your orders and inventory are synchronized across all your sales channels like WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, including many others.
  • This product automatically has your inventory updated after you make a sale on any of your channels you can buy new inventory or even transfer them.
  1. Inventory and Orders:
  • It lets you monitor how much inventory is being purchased, ready for sale, in transit, damaged, or is due to be returned to the supplier.
  • You can view all of your products in a single place. You can even search, filter, and sort, based on different attributes. Also, you can add new products quickly.
  • Zap Inventory helps you import all your orders from various sales channels into a central dashboard and views their status throughout the lifecycle.
  1. Added Flexibility:
  • Zap Inventory provides added flexibility by enabling you to customize the prices of your products for your customers and users.
  • You can buy and sell products internationally in any currency preferred by your customers and vendors around the world. 
  • It lets you upload various products at one go, view data, and updates in real time, and connect with your favorite apps on Zap Inventory.

Other distinctive characteristics that you might be intrigued to know

Here are some of the other great aspects that you must know about and can experience with their Zap Inventory Services:

  1. Multi Channel Retailing
  2. Inventory and Orders
  3. It gives flexibility
  4. Easy Invoice Creation (POS)
  5. Robust Payment Features
  6. Shipping Rate Calculator
  7. Manage Bill of Materials (BOM)
  8. Inventory Security and Backups
  9. Barcoding and Inventory Tracking
  10. Business Reports and Analytics

The comparison points between Zap Inventory and QuickBooks Commerce or TradeGecko

Are you still wondering about Zap Inventory as the leading QuickBooks Commerce or TradeGecko alternative and having doubts regarding which is the best to choose? Look down on this quick comparison table of the key features and choose accordingly!

FeaturesZap Inventory
(Try Now)
QuickBooks Commerce
(Formerly TradeGecko)
Free Plan✔ 
Serial Number Tracking✔ 
Retainer Invoices✔ 
Credit Notes✔ 
Bills or Vendor Invoices✔ 
Vendor Credits✔ 
Package Planner or Geometry✔ 
Android App✔ 
Multi Level Sales and Purchase Approvals✔ 
Online Payment Integrations✔ 

The Zap Inventory Universe

We have applications that can help you every facet of your business. You do not have to worry about coordinating every time with various parties for each feature. We make sure that your business runs without any hassle. Zap Inventory’s apps let you bring your whole business solution together in one place.

Wrapping Up 

There are so many alternative options you get to choose from. But, to operate your business successfully to stand out among the competition, you have to choose what is incredible for it. 

We hope that this alternative software will help you streamline your inventory management with its unattainable features and characteristics. Start using Zap Inventory Management Software to boost your business in this competitive world. Make your way out and start exploring with our outstanding services. 

Zap Inventory is one of the popular Inventory Management Software offering its solution with core features and aspects. You can even try it for a free trial and make it happen. Let’s connect with us to explore and experience more.

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