What Is Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Learn How It Works

Retailers or sellers, particularly face a higher level of challenge when it comes to product selling. It is easy for them to promote their products and convince customers to buy their products. But, they should make sure that their products meet their buyers’ demand. What’s more, they need to ensure that they provide certain terms and agreements, in order to avoid scams from their customers, due to the low level of comprehension about return merchandise authorization (RMA).

It is not hard to understand the terms RMA. But it is somewhat challenging to apply. Most online sellers face this challenge for the last decade. It is much easier for offline sellers or retailers to deal with returned merchandise because they can directly inspect the returned goods before they refund the money to buyers. On the other hand, online sellers should be very careful in creating such a platform that avoids the chance of fraud from their customers.

Finding Out Common Reasons of Customers Who Return Their Products

Returning products may not be convenient for both customers and retailers. Most of the time, customers buy products that they need to use right away. But, they find it irritating when the products are:

    1. Damaged
    2. Looked different from the one that they saw on the e-commerce’s display.
    3. Totally different from the one that they have ordered.
    4. Several other reasons like late delivery, etc.

Reasons for product return

Return Merchandise Authorization And Its Optimization to Avoid A Great Loss

A great loss is a real threat for sellers or retailers when they don’t apply the right RMA which is integrated on their e-commerce platform. Returned merchandise leads to a risky financial problem. It is not only related to the resources but also the returned merchandise that may be very hard to be resold, particularly with the same, exact price. Without doubt, retailers may face money loss.

Optimizing RMA is what retailers should do, though they might not be able to focus merely on dealing with this system. It is strongly recommended for retailers to find a highly reputable eCommerce cohort. Retailers should make sure that the partner can make sure that the returning process can run smoothly and satisfy customers and avoid a great loss for retailers.

Retailers should make sure that their e-commerce platform cohort provides specific terms in return policies, especially the terms that relate to the e-commerce selling system. The terms should meet the exact reasons why customers return the products. In this case, a highly reputable e-commerce platform provider can help retailers to improve the terms and agreements about RMA.

Proper Return Merchandise Authorization for Retailers

Let’s discuss several factors that urge customers to return their products. First, when their ordered products are damaged, then retailers should pay higher attention to correct improvements. It is much easier for retailers to have their own delivery service. But, when retailers hire a third-party delivery service company, then they need to focus on how the delivery service company meets the standard of courtesy and accuracy from retailers.

Next, when customers find out that the products that they received look slightly dissimilar, then retailers should improve their display pictures. The pictures may not show off high-quality resolutions, or take the picture at the wrong angle. This is definitely a ‘great sin’ for retailers. This is the importance of hiring the right eCommerce platform partner. Retailers should ensure that they should provide high-quality pictures with 3D design while providing complete information about the product’s size, color, and shape. Reviews in the form of video are highly recommended. Retailers and eCommerce owners need to implement returns strategies to decrease losses and returns. 

While it is important for retailers to operate Return Merchandise Authorization, they need to make sure that they also provide concise information to customers. Or else, customers can easily return the products and get a refund through the automated system. The information includes the return policy, delivery method, and its estimated time-length of deliverance. Another important aspect that retailers should inform is the return policy because this is the main point that customers want to check When customers get complete information in details, then there won’t be any misunderstandings that may occur.

Reviews from previous customers are highly necessary. They become the real evidence for buyers-to-be before they decide to buy the products, even before they check the price.

The Integrated Software for Return Merchandise Authorization

Returns in ZapERP

It is easy to check customers’ returned products and replace them with the new ones when retailers don’t have a huge array of products. Bigger companies are always recommended to use integrated software that relates to inventory management. This is to ensure that the exchange or return will run smoothly. Based on researches, customers don’t hesitate to buy from similar retailers again, when they are satisfied with the service.

The software allows retailers to expand their management in product inventory while increasing the chance of controlling the returned products through the integrated system. Checking inventories manually is such a waste of time. Retailers may find difficulties in handling a returned product while finding the right one to replace it. More often than not, customers are more satisfied with buying products from reliable companies. They get the returned goods, as expected within a very short time.

Efficiency is what retailers can enjoy from applying the right return merchandise authorization software. Besides, it is much easier to review the visibility of the products that ensure customers’ satisfaction. It is easy to find such software, though retailers should make sure that they get the highly-recommended software which contains several beneficial programs. The programs include inventory and serial number tracking, management order, and data points accuracy.

All in all, retailers need to make sure that they use the right return merchandise authorization software, which ensures the fastest and most accurate merchandise inventory. Many RMA software providers allow the free trial program, that retailers can take advantage of. Trying as many offers as possible is highly recommended because retailers really need to enroll in such a high competition in getting 100% customers’ satisfaction.

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