How to Map Artificial Intelligence(AI) into Email Marketing?

How to Map AI to Email Marketing?

Email are one of the most effective marketing tools. Integrating your email marketing strategy with AI can take your marketing strategy to another level.

AI can help you in analyzing data better than humans. You can use this to completely revamp your email strategy based on subscribers’ preferences.

Here’s how you can map out AI to leverage your email marketing efforts:

  1. Email content:

Struggling to know what email copy will produce the best results?

AI-enabled email marketing platforms can help you determine the best subject lines, email copy and the calls to action for providing better click and conversion rates.

According to Phrasee, AI-enabled marketing tools outperform humans 98% of the time in writing subject lines.  Aren’t those some irresistible results?

These platforms use machine learning to understand the characteristics of the target audience. The algorithms at play create a user profile based on the information fed to it. These profiles are then used to create email content in a natural language that is more likely to promote user engagement.

2. Optimizing the send time and frequency:

Send times usually have a great impact on the open and click rates. You can’t just send an email to a person at any time of the day, especially if the subscribers on your list are located in different parts of the world.

For instance, email deliveries optimized for potential customers in the United States will not work for potential customers in Australia. Send times to play a greater role than you can imagine.  Hence, marketers usually segment their subscriber list based on their geographical location to ensure email delivery at the right time.

Machine learning can further help in automating:

The ideal send time and day for each subscriber on the list based on their personal preferences and past engagement behaviour. This helps you in improving the click and conversion rates even more.

The same theory applies to the email frequency. AI helps in determining the ideal frequency rate of each individual to receive emails to keep the unsubscribe rate at minimal. 

3. Product recommendations:

Customers love product recommendations. It is estimated that 35% of the sales on Amazon and 70% of what customers view on Netflix is driven by these on-site and email product recommendations. On average, product recommendation emails have a conversion rate of about 5%, which is amazing.

Trying to personalize emails manually is both tedious as well as expensive. However, AI can help you create these personalized recommendations based on the customer’s browsing history, preferences and order history by putting in a fraction of the efforts.

Personalized product recommendations add value to customers. It enables you to send a targeted email which results in better CTAs and sales for the businesses.

4. Smart segmentation:

Getting to know your audience is just as important as customer acquisition, So Knowing customer preferences allows for categorization of subscribers into different lists. This is key to increased customer engagement.

AI completely automates the process of segregating customers based on their preferences, So that AI can effectively analyze information and sort resultant data into groups to be used to target customers with personalized emails.

Here is a highly personalized email from Uber sent to the customer based on their travel behaviour in 2017:



5. Customer life cycle marketing: 

Marketers must study customer behaviour insights to send circumstantial emails during the customer life cycle. So that this will help achieve targeted results from the email marketing efforts.

AI helps you in analyzing and generating analytics about customer behaviour at various stages of their buying life cycle. Still, It also allows you to discover the average time a customer needs to make a buying decision.

These are just a couple of examples of the kinds of data used, but these data form the basis on which targeted emails are sent.

The best example here would be cart abandoners, Because you can send personalized emails to them with targeted offers such as free shipping or discount, to persuade them to complete the purchase.


The key takeaway:

From personalization to optimal send times, AI can transform your email marketing strategy in many ways. So Even though, AI in email marketing is in the initial stage, but it is the right time to implement in your business and create a powerful marketing strategy for your brand.

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