How to Recover Abandoned cart with SocialBot Abandoned Cart Reminder?

Today, we live in such a technologically advanced world that even the way we shop has taken a complete u-turn. Instead of physically going out to shop, the most preferred method today is to do it online right from the comfort of our homes. Whether it is buying groceries or even gold, everything is readily available online. However, sometimes it so happens that in a hurry or for whatever other reason, we shoppers forget to check out our carts. And, unattended carts are definitely not good for business, isn’t it? So, what do you do then, as an owner of an e-commerce platform? The answer is simple. You can make use of SocialBot Abandoned Cart Reminder. Read till the end to know all about it.


So, what exactly is cart abandonment? 

When a shopper goes to your online store and adds the items in his or her cart but doesn’t complete the purchase while letting the cart sit idle is known as cart abandonment. Therefore, in order to entice your consumer to ensure they make a purchase, make use of SocialBot Abandoned Cart Reminder via which you can send your consumers a reminder message to make sure they check out the products.

To do this, you must first visit Messenger Bot > Messenger E-Commerce Store > Store in Social Bot Application

Then, click on Actions, where you will come across, Confirmation, and Reminder menu. So, choose that option. 

A form will be presented to you where you can choose to send your consumer a reminder via SMS, Email, or even Messenger. Choose the best option. You can also make changes in the reminder message via the text box on your left-side. 

SocalBot Checkout messages

On the right side, you can set the timer on when you would like to send the reminder, with the maximum number allowed is three. Once, you set up the whole process with SocialBot Abandoned Cart Reminder; if a consumer leaves their cart abandoned, the reminders will be sent to them just the way you set it.

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