12 essential tips for mastering Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the live streaming video functionality of Facebook. This feature enables Facebook users to broadcast live videos using their mobile devices. The Facebook Live feature can be accessed by all pages and profiles on iOS, Android and the Mentions app.

First launched in 2015, the feature was made available to just celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians, and most eminent personalities. Finally, in January 2016, the live broadcast feature was made available to the public.

As Facebook Live picks up momentum towards turning into the globe’s hottest new live-streaming platform for publishers as well as the general public. From tattoo artists streaming ink sessions in real time to snake experts drawing venom from animals to exploding watermelons, both professional and amateur have streamed onto the platform.

As your business stands to gain by getting its product, service or offering in front of millions of Facebook users, Facebook Live could be an essential cog in your marketing strategy. The following tips will help you understand just how to get the most out of your Facebook page.

Tips For awesome videos:

  1. Optimizing live recording: while your business may not be under pressure to create professional quality videos just yet, it might be a great idea to invest in tripods and other essential video tools. A shaky video might turn off viewers. Your video’s metadata can be edit for the thumbnail to also be change if you choose to do so. Click on the date stamp, go to options and select ‘Edit this video’ option. Android users have the option of doing everything from the phone.
  2. Plan your broadcast: never broadcast without having a plan in place – ensure you are clear about what the video will be about and what it is you wish to do. Whether engaging in discussions or having questions ready prior to broadcast, plan for zero downtime and silence while broadcasting. Have content in place when comments stop coming in.
  3. Weapon of choice: While both iOS and Android users both get access to Facebook Live, iOS users get the option to broadcast both horizontally and vertically when they use an iPhone.
  4. Location & time essential: choose the best time to connect with your fans. Figuring out when your fans are online the most basically allows you maximum views for when you make your next Facebook Live Broadcast. Ensure you are certain if the late afternoon is better than a late night or if early morning works best. Experimenting with timings works the best. Your Facebook page ‘insights’ show you the time when you have maximum fans online.
  5. Optimizing the live video: you can optimize your setup by keeping the ambient sound at the lowest. Use amount instead of your hands to shoot the video. Try delegating the job to another person in order to get better quality videos using your phone’s rear camera. Pick the spot where the Wi-Fi is the strongest. Don’t forget to forward all phone calls when recording.
  6. Describe the clip: while this might sound like a very basic step, writing a short and nice video description makes a lot of difference. This description is what viewers first see and decide if it is worth watching. You also possess the option of editing your broadcast video description. Essentially you need to arrive at a short video description that is easily readable and understood by your fans.
  7. Build a personality: when you are ready to begin broadcasting your video, stick to the basics – smile and don’t forget to breathe. Begin with describing your company and yourself briefly and what you would be covering briefly in the video. Try dropping hints to the viewer about your next video.
  8. Planning your next broadcast: The Facebook Live features gives you permission to target friends, followers and business page followers as well as group members or event attendees. If you don’t have a group or event it is time to create one. Start by posting images or short videos asking your audience about the video they can expect shortly. If you are keen on the best ROI for your live video, you must boost the announcement posts for each video as paid ads through Facebook. Collate your followers from other blogs, emails, and social media networks is a great way to boost the audience number.

Best Practices:

  1. Providing some context: before beginning a broadcast, ensure you’ve introduced yourself and what it is you are doing. For example, if you’re hosting a live fitness show, tell the audience the focus for today as well as the few times during the broadcast for people arriving late.
  2. Be authentic:  imagine your brand in the hands of your target customer. What are their current problems? What are you helping solve? How do you stand out from what is currently in the market? What conveniences do you provide? Providing answers to the above questions gives your Facebook Live broadcast dimension and depth. It could be obvious to some, but the more real you and your brand become, the more viewers can identify with you and care about what it is you’re selling.
  3. Commenting on comments:  the coolest feature of Facebook Live has to be the questions and comments that appear on the screen from viewers. Keep in mind you cannot delete these post the broadcast. You are able to keep the conversation going forward by replying to these comments.
  4. Don’t lose it over loose connections: select the spot with optimum Wi-Fi connectivity. Don’t lose your cool in case you drop out of range. Facebook Live will automatically pause and try to reconnect. If you are still incapable of connecting, the remaining broadcast gets saved on your page. You may choose to delete it in case you aren’t happy with the result. The ‘Go Live’ button will only be grayed out till connectivity is optimum.

Mastering these tips will soon turn you into a Facebook Live pro and put your product, service or offering out there for your fans to consume and build stronger bonds with. Start broadcasting today and have fun!

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