What is eCommerce Delivery?

In our previous articles, we have discussed a lot of things about the eCommerce business and learned important things about the eCommerce industry.

eCommerce has evolved a lot over the years and has completely transformed the way people shop and do business. During the recent period of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were mostly dependent on eCommerce for almost everything they needed.

Even those people who were unaware of online shopping earlier tried online shopping during the pandemic period for their essentials. And this is why the eCommerce industry has seen massive growth in the pre-pandemic era.

According to some reports, global eCommerce sales have gone up to almost $26 billion in the past year which is four times as compared to the year 2018-19.

Consumers are realizing the convenience of online shopping and are frequently visiting eCommerce platforms to shop for their needs, which is a good sign for the eCommerce industry and let me tell you, this trend is not going to end. 

People are going to use the eCommerce delivery solutions forever henceforth considering the agility and the convenience it offers to their consumers.

Not only this, eCommerce stores provide a global platform for small business owners with a wide range of sales opportunities to grow on a global scale.

We have learned a few things about the eCommerce industry through zap inventory like eCommerce ERP, eCommerce trends, eCommerce email marketing, eCommerce software’s, etc.

So, let us now shed some light on what is eCommerce Delivery.

eCommerce Delivery

ecommerce delivery
ecommerce delivery

Whenever a customer makes a purchase on such an eCommerce platform, the purchased items are delivered at their place in the stipulated time. This is termed eCommerce Delivery.

Shipment is the most important thing in the eCommerce industry, as the customer requires their goods to be delivered as soon as possible and in a good state.

If your consumer receives their purchased goods within a day or two in a good state, they will develop a sense of trust with the eCommerce brand. Because it is the service you provide to the consumers that help grow your brand.

On the other side, if you are delivering a product that is tampered with or damaged, then the consumers will surely move to your competitors. Another instance is that if you are delivering good products but you are late in deliveries every time, then it is of no use. Consumers want two things while they are shopping from an eCommerce website, one is a good product and the second one is timely delivery with good service.

If you are able to manage these two things then you are on the right path of growth. Let us know some of the important services when it comes to eCommerce delivery solutions.

Key Aspects of eCommerce Delivery –

Inventory Management –

If you are running an eCommerce business, then you must have ample stocks in your inventory. Sometimes it may not be feasible to own a warehouse, so in such cases, you can use the services of Logistics companies, which can offer you a network of warehouses throughout the region.

It is important to have your inventory filled with the products that your customers buy the most, in order to serve them quickly and efficiently. 

Shipping –


As we discussed in the earlier section, shipping or delivery is the most important part of the eCommerce business. The process starts from packing the product as per the specification and requirements, completing all the documentation, sorting the delivery according to the region and delivery time, etc.

With all these, you should be able to track all the real-time happenings and share those with the customer so that they will be knowing when they are getting their product delivered.

Handling Returns & Exchanges –

Return and exchange
Returns & Exchange

Sometimes the product has some damage or the customer want to return it due to some reason or the customer might want to exchange it with another product. In such cases, you should be able to handle the returns and exchange smoothly without causing any extra inconvenience to the consumer, as it is a part of the eCommerce service. If you are smooth and transparent with return and exchange, there is a 100% chance that you are not losing the said customer, as you have served that customer at its best. This is the reason why the majority of people choose Amazon for their online shopping rather than other eCommerce platforms – service.

Types of Delivery 

There are a few types of delivering a product to the customer in the eCommerce industry, which are listed below –

  • Two-Day Shipping
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Overnight Shipping
  • International Shipping 

Based on the type of delivery, the cost can be charged. For example, if the customer wants an overnight delivery, you can charge them for the same. 

If your customer wants same-day delivery you can charge a fixed amount for it and if your customer insists on two-day delivery, then you can keep it free of cost or you can charge an amount based on the product type.

International shipping is never a Free service, as it requires a lot of documentation and legal formalities to complete, but very few eCommerce platforms offer international shipping as it is not ideal for an eCommerce company to spend more on international shipping.

So, this is what is eCommerce delivery. To learn more about the eCommerce industry you can visit zap inventory and learn more about the eCommerce industry and inventory management.

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