Barcoding Inventory Software For Small Business

Understanding Barcoding Inventory Software

Businesses use barcode inventory software to assign a number to each product they sell. They associate several data points to the number, including the supplier, product dimensions, weight, and even variable data. 

A visual representation of data using lines and spacing is readable by scanners and these are called barcode scanners. This was introduced in the year 1951, adoption of this was not widespread until supermarkets began automating the grocery checkout process in the mid-1970s with universal product codes UPCS’s.

The barcode identifies two pieces of information: the product and its manufacturer.

Types of Barcode

UPC or One-Dimensional Barcode: The data is encoded using widths of parallel lines and the spacing between them. These are either square, such as a QR, or rectangle consisting of many dots, and stores much more information.

Currently, there are 30 major barcodes with different applications. Bookland EAN-13 barcodes embed everything from product, publisher, and pricing data on the back of a book to single-use barcodes with shipping information.

Stock-keeping barcode is similar to a UPC- both specify identities- but individual retailers create and use them for their own stock control.

It is seen that in a barcode inventory system, barcode identifies are created when products are delivered, affix them to individual products, and scan them with your point of sale (POS) system, when they are sold and returned to update inventory levels. 

Inventory management is an essential part of almost all types of business now- be it big or small. Even though it is possible to track inventory with the use of spreadsheets, using a barcode inventory management system makes it much more efficient in the long run. If you wish to take a control of your inventory and save sometime yourself time, money, and unnecessary work with a barcode inventory system. 

Use of barcode inventory software

Why Use Barcodes?

As the business grows, the need of having a barcode inventory system is becoming an ardent need, and implementing one now will prepare you for the future, giving you several benefits in the meantime. A barcode inventory software is accurate in much more than keeping it by hand.

In fact, it has been concluded after in-depth research that a person will make at least one data entry every 250 keystrokes. A computer has an error rate of one error every 36 trillion characters scanned.

Scanners and barcodes help to find out what you have stock and what it is that your inventory requires. When customers buy a product, they usually scan the barcode and take it out of your inventory records. With the help of barcode scanners. you will always have accurate and real-time inventory data so you can make proper business decisions throughout the day. With a barcode on your inventory, all of your products can be instantly read and data can be easily transferred to a computer. This will make the process of checking a customer out after a purchase much faster. Instead of manually entering each product and figuring out the total price, the computer can do it for you.

Warehouse worker using barcode inventory software

Barcoding Inventory Software For Small Businesses

Under the barcode category, there are other various products classified, that are also similar in many regards and helps both small and large companies solve their problem. However, the smaller companies or start-ups feature pricing, setup, and installation, that differs from other sizes, because of which we match buyers to the small business barcode to fulfill their needs.

Top 4 Barcoding Inventory Software for Small Businesses in 2021

  1. Odoo: The is best for warehouse management and dropshipping business. Oddo helps you to streamline your inventory management process by integrating barcodes and scanners. This barcoding inventory software helps employees with the proper location of raw materials and finished goods that needs to be counted.
  2. Right Control: This is the best bar code generation and pick – and pack for online order management. Designed with -in-built features and functionality that helps in streamlining the business process free up the time to concentrate on growth. Right Colour helps in small business, striving to deliver excellent value for money, supported by reliable product that helps to meet business needs. The feature of barcode scanning is fast and effective and it allows you to assign existing barcodes on your stock or customize new barcodes to be printed. It can simple scan can supply you with the inventory item’s details, sales and invoice information you require.
  3. ZapERP Solution: It is a complete inventory management system that manages all your products in one place, capturing every detail about inventory and delivering the most up-to-date inventory figures. You can sort, filter, and search based on different attributes like name, product group, images, variants, SKU, barcode, weight, or price. Zap Inventory offers integration with the leading barcode scanners for instant product identification and labeling. Use our barcode scanner to easily carry out stock counts.
    • Add Purchase Order Items via Barcode Scanners– With Barcode & Tagging, you can simply scan the barcode of the product you want to restock, and it will be added to your purchase order. You can also receive Purchase Order items in your inventory by scanning individual products.
  4. ABC Inventory Software: ABC Inventory software is an absolutely free barcoding inventory software for small and mid-sized businesses. There is no limit on the number of records in the database. There is no limit on the number of workstations, it can be installed on. The data syncs with collaboration among the team working from different places. Apart from its other functions from taking care of inventory, some of its functions are all other modules in the inventory system to increase productivity and Internal Inventory Labels with barcodes support barcode scanning at receiving and barcode scanning at loading and shipping.
  5. Inflow Cloud: Best barcode-based inventory software. Some of the exciting features of inflow cloud are:
    1. Sales
    2. Inventory Barcoding
    3. Purchase
    4. Report B2B
    5. Portal
barcoding inventory software

Why Do We Need Barcoding Inventory Software?

No matter the business you’re in, you most likely have inventory that has to be managed with barcoding inventory software. Whether you have items for sale, raw materials, finished products, tools, parts supplies, etc., barcode inventory management comes with lucrative benefits.

These benefits can be seen in the following: 

  • BarBarcoding inventory management software helps you know what you have in your stock and where have you stored it. 
  • Ability to receive, put away, move and ship out (to internal or external users) all the items you have in inventory.
  • You have up-to-date reports about stock levels, usage, and reorder times for all the items in inventory.
  • It is easy to enter and extract data
  • It makes the counts easy and efficient. It will export data easily to your accounting or another back-end.


The best barcode inventory software speeds up the process of both shipping and receiving goods, ensuring a more accurate count of what is there in the stock, and also helps in reducing down the cost.

Organizations track everything that coming into the warehouse or stockroom. Big or large companies track inventory across multiple locations, with immediate updates on the database, so that others of the company are also aware of what is available in the stock.

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