10 Lists of Virtual Team Building Activities that suite for your Remote Team


Virtual team building activities can make your team closer. Although they are separated geographically, you can stay connected with your team. You can build warm relationships with your teammate and break the icebreaker. So, you and your remote team feel comfortable to communicate with each other. If you are collaborating on a future project, you can mingle easily.

This entertaining activity is also a way to cope with loneliness. When you work remotely, you might feel lonely. Due to a separated working environment, you are rarely communicating with each other. Through this strategy, you can bound your teamwork and increases work satisfaction.

These activities increase productivity. Your comfort can raise your mood level. Then, working can be enthusiastic. This positivity helps you to get work done on time. You are motivated to reach an individual or teamwork goal.

What do you need for Virtual Team Building Activities?

These kinds of activities are low cost and require simple material. Here what you need.

Set aside your time

You are mandatory to set your time aside for these challenging activities. You or your virtual team might have limited time. Mostly, they want to meet quickly. Thus, we recommend you to dedicate your specific time to these Team building activities.

Use a conferencing program

You need to use a conference meeting app like Zoom Meeting. Virtual team building activities require you and your remote team to see each other. So, you can create a strong bond with each other.

Find a facilitator

Both Virtual and Real Team Building Activities require a good leader. This person will help everyone moderate your Team Building Activities. Choose someone in your team who can do this.

After everyone prepares the above material, it is time to start! Here are the best Virtual team building activities.

1. Online Office Games

Start and begin your team building activities with any icebreaker games. You can create competition from various games. Divide your remote teams into several groups with a minimum of 4 members to play virtual team building activities. It is better to mix up employees from different departments. Then, list some icebreaker games online game with multiplayer mode. It can formulate stronger cooperation within the remote team.

2. Team Health Challenges.

One of the virtual team building activities includes maintaining your remote team health. The purpose is to encourage a healthy lifestyle. It is quite a challenge to build a virtual health activity. Find some exercise tasks for your remote team. For example, join yoga sessions in video chatting. These kinds of team building activities help you to keep your working environment healthy.

3. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Here is another icebreaker for these fantastic Team Building Activities. It is good to connect the communication gap among your remote team. Coffee breaks can strengthen the relationship between workers. These team building activities are a great way to release stress and increase productivity.

4. Craft Challenge

Virtual team building activities include sharpening your art skill. Ask your remote team to create a craft from available material. Give them some time to work for that. This team building activities goal is to boost creativity to your team. It is a fun way to interact with each other.

5. Virtual Dine-in

Host your team on lunch or dinner for virtual team building activities. Gather them and connect on a video call. You can discuss an important topic or just some fun conversation. The goal is to socialize with each other. Besides, it boost your remote team relations.

6. Quiz time

Virtual team building activities also encourage learning spirit for all your remote team. It challenges and tests them on how much knowledge they know. To start, you can create questions from multiple topics, like a business, sports, technology, geography, or even current events. You can add fun ideas to cheer up your teammate during team building activities.

7. Virtual Storytelling

Creating a story can be the best idea for this type of team building activities. Start by forming a virtual circle teammate. Choose who will be the first, second, third, fourth, etc. Ask the first person to start a story with a sentence. Then, the second person will continue to complete the previous sentence. By the end of this team building activities, everyone can hear a complete story. It is a good practice for listening to each other.

8. Become a sudden chef

Virtual team building activities can transform you to be a chef! Challenge your team to bake a simple cake or cook simple food. Ask them to share their fun moments by showing photos, videos, or recipes. Food can be a bridge to bond your communication with each other.

9. Team movie night

Watching the same movie or TV program is also a good option for virtual team building activities. They can watch it once a week. Next, challenge your team to share their opinion about the movie. It can be the plot, their favorite character, or the ending. These simple ideas for team building activities can be an icebreaker.

10. Share your bucket list

A bucket list means lists of to-do things before you die. It includes experiences or achievements. For virtual team building activities, this is an entertaining task. It offers a way for a remote team to bond them more intimate by sharing their personal life. It is a proper method to overcome loneliness feeling, especially for those who are away from family.

The above team building activities are only a few examples. All of us are aware of how maintaining good relationships among our remote team. Lack of team building activities means lost opportunities to strengthen trust and cooperative relations. Team building activities are the key point to develop a positive working environment.

The above team building activities mentioned previously can bring your remote team closer. As the COVID pandemic turns your world from real into virtual, companies adjust to the remote working way. Above all, technology development makes this process easier. Virtual team building activities are the right choice to make our team engaged and bond with each other.

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