best inventory management tool
Inventory Management Tool: How it can help Manufacturing Companies?

With the rapid development of technology, industries are upgrading to modern and sophisticated equipment. With advanced tools these companies are ready to adopt into Industry 4.0, in addition, their pace of manufacturing has already superseded the traditional procedures. Within a

supply chain management
What Is Supply Chain Management And What Are Its Benefits?

To always stay up in the game businesses try all different means available. Even small enterprises use different strategies. But it is very difficult to remain afloat in this sea of market competition. To survive in this competitive market small

Demand Forecasting: Modern way to manage inventory

There is a lot of hype in the market about demand forecasting and how big MNCs and E-Commerce leverage from it. But what is Demand Forecasting? In simple words, Demand Forecasting is a technique for estimation of probable demand for

Move from excel to inventory software
Why to move from Excel to Inventory Management System?

Excel has customarily been a part of any business organization or industry. It is presumably the most used tool by any startup or small organization. This tool is used for the purpose of tracking sales order, inventory management or simply collecting